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Thanks for checking out our website.  My name is Tyra, and I am the owner and maker behind Back 40 Designs.  My business is inspired by my love of the outdoors and getting out and exploring nature with my family, especially my young son.  We live on an acreage in the beautiful Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC.  Our farm is home to horses, cows, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats and a revolving mix of wildlife – all making our “Back 40” my favorite place to be.   

I developed a mild obsession with cute hats when my son was born, which grew with him and eventually led me to creating my own toques.  (There are only so many hats one little guy can wear!)   All the items you will find on our website, including the pompoms, are handmade by me with much care and attention to detail.  I look forward to helping outfit you and your family members as the chilly weather approaches and you get out to play in the great outdoors!